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Parasite Infection Self Test

Parasite Quiz- Self Test to see if you are infected


Human Parasites are one of the hardest things to detect on a medical test. Please use this questionnaire to help guide you if you think you may have a parasite infection. You may also try our parasitin that because of its all natural ingredients along with our Colon Aid will help promote healthy Colon conditions and functions .


Group A:

Check all that apply

            a. Weight Loss
            b   Fatigue

            c   Anxiety


Group B:


 Check all that apply
            a. Gas

            b. Bloating

            c. Chronic constipation

            d. Chronic diarrhea

            e. Muscle or joint pain

            f. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

            g Grind teeth    

            h. Frequent, Colds or yeast infections

            i. Anxiety or Depression

            j. Dark Circles under Eyes

            k Acne

            1 Eczema

            m vertigo

            n brain fog

            o lack of coordination


If you experience one condition from Group A and one from Group B or Two symptoms from group B, you may want to consider using our parasite cleansing program.





This article was published on Saturday 28 October, 2006.

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